Life Insurance


Federal Term

For all federal employees, protection is a MUST. Provide your love ones with the security of knowing they will be provided for in case the worst happens to you. The sooner you start the more peace of mind you will have that your love ones will be protected. Call Today!

Level Term:

Low cost coverage for your family members, children and grand children. Starting a plan while they are young will insure that their family will be protected when they grow up and have families of their own. Call Today!


Make sure you have protection when you need it most. Worried about being too late to provide adequate protection for the ones you love? We have affordable plans that will provide for the needs of your family members and final expenses. Call Today!

Family Coverage:

Expect the unexpected and safe guard the future of your children and grand children. Give them the peace of mind and security only you can provide. Ask your benefits provider for rates and plans that can best fit your needs. Call Today!

Five Star:

NOW FEATURING: Term to 100 Plans From Five Star Life. The 5 Star Life Insurance Family Protection Plan offers a guaranteed level premium to age 100* and a lump-sum cash benefit if you die before age 100. The death benefit is guaranteed for the first 10 years of coverage and priced so the death benefit can remain level. Call Today!

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