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Learn how to maximum your retirement payouts so that you get the most benefit during your retirement years.

We’ll share with you the best way to use your benefits and how to leverage your plans.

How to get the most benefit from your insurance and get the coverage you need when you need it.

What you do NOT know about your social security will not benefit you. Learn how to increase the payout amounts and extend the payout coverage for YOUR lifetime.

One thing you can count on is that life will change. Every year you need to review the benefits and your retirement plan to make adjustments. We can help you in that process.

See if you qualify for the CSRS. Learn what your payouts will be and how to maximize this system.

FERS is a retirement plan that provides benefits from three different sources: Basic Benefit Plan, Social Security and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).

If you are on a self-funded insurance plan you should know about your employer’s stop-loss previsions and what that means for your health care.

Get the latest news and updates on smart financial planning and your federal retirment.


We only provide SMART retirement products so that you will never lose a dime of your hard earned money.

Knowing how to use your TSP is important for your finances.

Knowing your options about IRA’s will save you money. We advise people on how to find SMART investment products so you will never lose a dime of your hard earned money.

Before setting up monthly deposits into Roth IRA’s, you need to talk to an adviser.

The future is unknown but you can prepare now. Are you prepared for critical illness & cancer? Ask your adviser how you can get coverage.

Accidents happen, can you recover? With proper preparation, you can recover from an accident.

Pre-pay your final expense so that your family does not have to bare the burden.

If your are/were a member of the military, you may be eligible for retiree benefits. Check with one of our advisers to see if you are eligible?

Unforeseen expenses can be costly. Find out today if you have a buffer for the unexpected.

If you have Tri-Care Insurance, you may be eligible for supplemental coverage as well. You could save $100’s of dollars in additional expenses not covered by your base plan. Find out today, call an adviser.

*We always add more benefits to help you.

NASCOE Benefits 2017

NEW Perks For NASCOE Members
in 2017 :

We are offering a number of valuable new benefits in 2017 for NASCOE Members and their families Look inside to learn more!
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Protect Your Identity With LifeLock :

Now offering Identity theift protection service to NASCOE members with LifeLock. Call us today –
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How We Can Help Secure Your Benefits:

steve_teresa_nascoe John R. Lohr, National Benefits Director In addition to his recent experience as a NASCOE leader, John worked more than 37 years as an FSA CED. After graduating with a BS in mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh in 1972, he taught math, physics, and computer science for 6 years at the high school level. While teaching full time, he earned a Master Degree in Education from Pitt.
steve_teresa_nascoe Steve & Teresa Dillard We are certified to train federal employees on their benefits. Federal Employee Retirement Benefits & Insurance Analysis. We provide customized reports on all your benefits, such as calculating your retirement pay, your survivor. Dillard Financial Solutions Inc. can show you how to use the retirement dollars you saved while you were working to produce the income you need to retire and stay retired. We want to show you options on your social security benefits: • Bonus’s on money • No risk • Lock in interest rate Our team of qualified licensed certified in the Certified Federal Benefits Educator. One-on-one appointment: We look forward to meeting with you and/or your spouse to discuss your plans & your dreams. We will custom build strategies to fit the needs of you & your family. We will provide a yearly one-on-one personal review. We know life changes, so we sit down with you and/or your family to make adjustments along the way. Here at Dillard Financial Solutions we build relationships because personal knowledge is power. Don’t make mistakes when planning for your future income. Decisions are very important, let us help take the stress off by educating you and cover you a long life.

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