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It is quite possible that you could have important questions regarding your federal benefits. A limited understanding of FEGLI, your Pension, Survivors Annuity, FEHB, and Thrift Savings Plan could cost you thousands of dollars during your working career, and even larger amounts of money during your retirement.

These questions do not have to keep you up at night. You can receive our complimentary Federal Benefit Analysis so you can sleep better.

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The Federal Benefit Analysis is a free report that breaks down your exact benefits and is specific to you personally.

• How to save $30,000 – $80,000 on your benefits over your career.
• What your first day of federal retirement looks like for you personally.
• Your exact annual pension amount.
• How much money your TSP will have in it when you retire.
• Exact FEGLI coverage amounts by age and your GS rank/step.
• What your spouse’s benefits are.
• How the FEHB (Federal Employee Health Benefit) works during retirement.
• How to maximize your benefits to give you more money for your retirement.
• How to maximize your TSP contribution savings.
• Your Social Security benefits in retirement.

In addition, we can answer:

• THE BIG ONE: Can I afford to retire?
• When can you retire?
• The best time to retire
• The income you can expect in retirement vs. your current income
• Identify the potential gaps in your income and teach you how you might close them
• Your Survivor’s Benefits and costs; if you need them and what are the alternatives
• Your FEGLI benefits and costs; if you need them and what are the alternatives
• Your TSP account and withdrawal options after you leave
• Your TSP account – what funds should you chose right now
• How to know the right risk for you and what TSP funds match up
• My TSP options: What should I do now and what should I do after I retire?
• Are you doing everything to maximize your retirement benefits?
• Do you know how to receive up to an 8% bonus on all of your TSP funds?
• Do you know your FEGLI cost will be in retirement?
• Do you know how to calculate your monthly retirement income?
• What withdrawal option should you plan to take at retirement?
• Will you have enough money to last through retirement?
• Do you know the optimal TSP fund allocation based on your risk and age?
• Do you know when you will be eligible to retire on full benefits?
• Do you know the monthly cost of the Survivor’s Annuity?
• When should you begin taking Social Security benefits?

Call us today at (803) 499-6623 so we can help save you thousands of dollars.

Our specialties include:
Special Provisions (law enforcement, postal workers)
Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)
Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
Calculating your annuity benefit payments
Options regarding mandatory retirement
Social Security impact on benefits
Health Insurance (FEHB)
OPM Long Term Care
Taxes on Federal benefits

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