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Steve and Teresa Dillard have been helping clients for over 30 years with a straightforward message: There is such a thing as smarter retirement strategies.

“In this unsettled world we live in, you have to know your money will be there when you need it the most,” says Teresa Dillard. “We can help you achieve financial independence and protect your money.”

The Dillards, married for 29 years, founded the Sumter, South Carolina based Dillard Financial Solutions, Inc. in 1993, with a vision to help government workers preserve their assets, increase their retirement incomes and reduce their taxes. The firm has over 3,000 clients, mostly pre-retirees or retirees with careers in the military or in federal government and postal positions. The couple is uniquely experienced in government and military benefits, pensions and lifestyle needs. Steve is a U.S. Navy veteran. Teresa has been involved with military service organizations including the Sumter Military Affairs Committee, where she is an active member.

The firm has built a reputation for keeping hard-earned savings out of harm’s way.

"For people who know our name, one thing comes to mind: We don’t put money at risk," says Steve Dillard. "We focus on products that have fixed, guaranteed returns. We are proud to say to this day not one of our clients has ever lost a penny. They can bank on their money being there."

Dillard Financial Solutions, Inc. offers annuities and other retirement products. It also helps pre-retirees and retirees navigate effective strategies for life insurance, 401(k)’s, IRAs (Roth and traditional) and other savings products, along with providing advice on the tax implications for each strategy.

Steve Dillard finds many of his clients have been shell-shocked by the risk in the markets the last decade. "They’ve had enough," he says. "For them, annuities are a good fit. They know what to plan for. They don’t have to worry about a 20 percent drop in the stock market. There are no surprises. You know going in what you will get. You get safety and opportunity on the same dollar at the same time."

"We can help you achieve financial independence and protect your money."

Steve and Teresa Dillard are members of the National Ethics Bureau, an organization that provides extensive background checks designed specifically for financial professionals. Dillard Financial Solutions, Inc. uses only products from the strongest, most reliable companies, allowing clients to choose from an array of portfolio options, from fixed to indexed annuities. In South Carolina, such insurance products are guaranteed up to $300,000 per client by the State Guarantee Association.

"We aren’t going to help everybody we talk to," says Steve. "Let’s face it. Not everybody wants what we offer. We focus on what people really need for retirement. If clients are looking for money in five years, 10 years, or need a guaranteed income for life, then we can find a product that is made for them."

Ultimately, Steve says, it’s about peace of mind. "Given the economy today, I find people prefer to be in control of their futures, rather than leave their money out there in the marketplace. We give them a plan, a road map that shows what’s going to happen in the years to come. We are a company that friends tell friends about."

Teresa Dillard SC Insurance Board License Number 195638

Steve Dillard SC Insurance Board License Number 190459