DUNS: 078747605
MPIN: dfsi20133

Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

The group policy coverage available to most federal employees, including part-time employees, through the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) program is administered by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company under a contract with the Office of Personnel Management. Under FEGLI’s Basic coverage, employees are provided with two kinds of coverage: (a) group term life insurance without a medical examination (if you do not waive coverage when first eligible or if you elect it during an open enrollment period) and (b) accidental death and dismemberment insurance that provides double indemnity protection. Eligible employees are automatically covered for Basic insurance upon hiring unless they specifically state in writing by the end of their first pay period that they do not want it.

In addition to the Basic coverage, there are optional coverage available to employees who wish to augment their own life insurance program or have coverage on their family members. Although the premiums for optional coverage are paid for exclusively by employees, they are provided at group rates.

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